Anyone who thinks Ottawa is lacking in glittery queerness needs to look harder!


You know what? Ottawa’s pretty awesome. We have a small yet mighty community here. From activists to professionals, from trailblazers to young queer innovators, our arts & culture scene to our pop up parties & makeshift galleries & back again! More importantly we have tons of badass queer serving organizations & grassroots social justice groups that need your support & love.


Soo.. that’s what we’re here for! Queering613 is a community space meant to amplify & explore Ottawa’s queerness, all the while dabbling in a little intersectional feminism, digital media & social justice.


We know you say that this is just a “ boring government town” with green space & gophers galore, but we’re so much more than that! And who better to highlight Ottawa’s queer & trans movers & shakers than the people who love, care & are absolutely dedicated to our communities most-est!


Queering613 does..

Queering613 is a volunteer-run grassroots community love project committed to connecting LGBTQ+ folks to Ottawa’s queer & trans cultures, organizations & issues. We want to be a community space for connecting, getting together, making, amplifying & learning about Ottawa’s LGBTQ loves & faves, it’s exciting happenings & the issues nearest & dearest to our queer hearts.


You don’t need to move way to the “bigger” “better” Toronto’s, Vancouver’s & Montreal’s.. H-Ottawa has everything you need & more!  We love our big little city & it’s about time we showcase our wild & vibrant LGBTQ communities.


Queering613 is here to stay.


We build. We connect. We amplify. 


Queering613 does..

o We build community, we amplify & we pushback
o We do collective work with a social justice vision
o We are working towards inclusivity
o We are working towards being critical & self reflexive
o We are working towards self-determination & not just safety
o We work to deconstruct systems of oppression & violence
o We support people’s choices & recognize these choices in larger contexts of constraint



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