The Inside Scoop on Ottawa’s New Vegan Coffee Shop.

@littlejoberrys is opening at 1305 Wellington St. W. on March 19.


“Our vision for the shop…We have a really dreamy idea of where we see the shop going. Having my own place was always the big idea growing up. But I imagined the day to day through the relationships I would form. I envisioned it being more about my interactions with my patrons than anything else. I always worked in coffee shops, so I’ve always had that experience. Getting to know the regulars, watching kids grow up, seeing relationships form. So naturally, it is very important for us to create that atmosphere in our space. We want our shop to grow with the community and be shaped by its regulars. We want our space to feel like a neighbourhood space, a shop you feel warm and tender about. Having that bond with customers and that loyalty is the most important thing for us at LJB’s.”


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Little Jo Berry’s

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